We stellen ons graag even voor

We would like to introduce ourselves

We are Dirk and Ilse and real nature lovers.
Dirk likes to cover kilometres by bike: either on the road with his racing bike or off-road with his mountain bike. Ilse is more into hiking.
We have 2 young adult children. So the forests are often explored as a family. Apart from the family walks, the men like to go on bicycle trips, while the ladies prefer to visit cities or markets.

A little history of “La Bordure de la Forêt”

Marjo and Thei built this house with a lot of love, care and patience.
Since 2006, they have rented out this cosy house and regularly added new elements. We had the opportunity to take it over from them at the beginning of 2021.
Full of enthusiasm, we took the leap into the unknown and embarked on a new adventure.

Our vision for the future

We would like to continue this holiday house in the same atmosphere and ensure that you, the guest, can enjoy a carefree holiday.
We will continue to grow the property as a cosy and atmospheric holiday house and add our own elements.